Java Game Projects

Hone your coding chops while crafting clever creations!

Class Description

Continuing from where the Intro to Java series left off, this class has students work together on a common game project based on common skills.

We will explore more in-depth programming topics like data structures, recursive algorithms, polymorphism, and more - in the service of creating either a game itself or a component that can be used in a game.

Since this class is meant to be repeated, the group will decide together what they will work on.  Past projects include: a particle system, a maze generation algorithm, and a platformer game.


Completion of the Intro to Java series is required for this class.


This class continues with the free, open source development environment, Processing.


Students should bring their own laptops to class. Please download and install Processing beforehand!

If it is not possible to bring your however, students are welcome to use one of ours! Make sure to bring a USB Flash Drive to save your work.

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