Intro to JavaScript

Create interactivity for the Web!

Course Description

In this class, students will learn the fundamentals and best practices for coding JavaScript - the programming language of the web.  We will start with basic web interactivity, and wind up creating a proper web-based game.

This is an introductory class where students will learn to code JavaScript from the ground up.  We will cover syntax, variables, data structures, control flow, functions, and objects - all while creating interactive bits and pieces that can be added to many web pages.

Since we will spend a good deal of time manipulating parts of a web page, a little experience with HTML is helpful, but certainly not required.

Everything will be coded from scratch using a simple text editor.



No prior programming experience or knowledge is required, or expected - this is a great place to start!


Students will be taught how to code JavaScript (and a sprinkling of html & css) using the application, Sublime Text. Although this is a commercial application, it has a liberal evaluation period, and can be used for free for the duration of the class. This is one of the go-to editors for front-end coders.


Students should bring their own laptops to class. Please download and install Sublime Text beforehand!

Students are welcome to use one of our laptops if they are unable to bring their own. Make sure to bring a USB Flash Drive to save your work.

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